Strengths-Based Development: How to Increase Employee Engagement and Boost Profits

Marja Botha  van Doorn

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Perhaps the greatest challenge for Chief Human Resource Officers, is to convince their executive teams and especially their CEO’s that employee engagement scores really matter. Matter in a way that the front line manager is the major driver of these scores and those leaders who cannot increase their scores over time are likely in the wrong chair.

Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity. Strong employee engagement promotes a variety of outcomes that are good for employees and customers.

The most successful organizations effectively engage their employees, leading to higher productivity and better financial outcomes.

In this webinar we will discuss one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement. We will discuss why this is a viable strategy to follow and what it requires from you as a leader.

Marja Botha van Doorn is an Executive coach and management consultant specializing in employee engagement and leadership-, career-, team- and talent development.

She will help you transform what is good within yourself, your team and your organization into what is extraordinary so you can increase employee engagement, maximize individual and team performance and boost profits.

She’s committed to help her followers get to a place where they are celebrated, not tolerated.

She has more than 15 years of international management, training, consulting and coaching experience in various industries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the U.S.A

  • Why a strengths-based approach is one of the most effective strategies to increase employee engagement in your organization
  • The number 1 myth why more organizations aren’t implementing it
  • Practical steps to get started