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Gary  Cokins

Online Live Webinar

Gary Cokins

Founder and CEO , Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management

Many organizations are far from where they want and need to be with improving performance, and they apply intuition, rather than hard data, when making decisions. Enterprise performance management (EPM) is now viewed as the seamless integration of managerial methods s....

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Archive Webinars

Andy  Smith

Andy Smith

Training Director , Coaching Leaders

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been described as ‘the owner’s manual for the brain’. Originating as the practical study of how excellent performers get their results, NLP has given us a practical toolkit for improving performance in the 'people' aspects of business, as w....

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Linda Chaousis

Linda Chaousis

Adjunct Faculty , Carnegie Mellon University

Performance Management

Working from an evidence and research base, Linda Chaousis has spent the past 25 years developing and facilitating leadership programs that produce results. She is skilled at taking research data and concepts and converting them to sustainable behaviours and actions that if followed can improve r....

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Tamara  McCleary

Tamara McCleary

Expert in Relationships & Brand Influence , Greater Denver Area Professional Training & Coaching

Learn the 5 things every Brand must learn to survive and thrive !

In our crowded and highly competitive marketplace how does a brand differentiate themselves in today’s social economy where everyone has a platform to be seen and heard almost real time? How do brands build such an engaged following as to create a platform of influence so powerful they wiel....

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Dr. Walid  Hejazi

Dr. Walid Hejazi

Professor , Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Islamic Finance

Over the past decade, Islamic Finance has been growing at twice the rate of conventional finance, attributable in large part to the performance of Sharia compliant structures during the 2008 global financial crisis.  Islamic finance combines Islam, risk and reward into a unique form of comme....

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Eric  Kaufman

Eric Kaufman

Associate Professor , Virginia Tech

Overcoming Our Biases Against Effective Teamwork

When assembling a team, leader are often wary of potential biases. However, we tend to focus on biases associated with demographics, when biases against different problem solving styles are likely more detrimental. Kirton's Adaption-Innovation (KAI) theory explains how some people are more adapti....

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Tracy  Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk

CEO, Digital Marketing Strategist White House Presidential Award Winner Keynote Motivational Speaker , Consultant at Online Marketing Solutions

How to reach Millions with your Message

You have 3 seconds to make an impression and if you don't look as good online as you do off - you are losing money, customers and wasting the most valuable marketing resource you have. To be successful online you need to be able to navigate the Internet through wrong data, confusing steps,an....

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Tim Marjason

Tim Marjason

Managing Director , Marjason Consulting DWC-LLC

How to pass the test of time – Embed Business Continuity Management

Recent disruptions to organisations show us that business continuity management (BCM) is a critical element of organisational resilience. Every organisation needs to identify all risk scenarios that could affect them, and establish adequate strategic plans to protect their people, the environment....

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Mr. Lars Kure Juul Nielsen

Mr. Lars Kure Juul Nielsen

Managing Director , ClearSight

Introduction to Talent Motivation Assessment (TMA) Certification

This webinar will cover the core areas in TMA Assessment, making it possible for the participants to understand the importance and usability of conducting an objective, constructive and especially thorough analysis of motivation, talent and development possibilities. ....

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Cees  Nieboer

Cees Nieboer

Vice President , Learning Paths International

Human Performance Excellence

While the philosophy of Frederick Taylor, mechanical engineer who sought to improve efficiency at the turn of the 20th century is far behind us, we are still ‘haunted’ by many of his misguided, narrow minded practices today. Believe it or not th....

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Dr.Neville Gaunt

Dr.Neville Gaunt

co-founder , Mind Fit

How to spot and manage the Business Disease called Behavioural Waste?

Behavioural Waste™ are those negative and largely ignored, unproductive attitudes and behaviours that waste time, effort and money in all organisations. If these are not directly addressed, any change programme like Lean or Leadership Development will ....

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